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SYNThesis of FILters

SYNTFIL package

Syntfil is a package for Maple™ which allows design analog electrical filters. The Syntfil enables to solve approximation task, synthesis of LC ladder filters and active RC filters (ARC) including facilities for analysis of designed filter structures.

Syntfil package has three main parts:

  1. Set of functions for solving approximation tasks:
  2. Set of functions for LC filter synthesis from gain and characteristic functions:
  3. Cascade design of analog RC (ARC) filters:


Syntfil package and its using is descibed on


Demo (light) version of Syntfil package is available for download. The light version includes only limited number of functions, compared to the full version. Computing abilities of the light version are specified here. Detailed description of both versions functions is defined in help pages. Keeping software licence it is possible to download the light version of Syntfil package including complete help pages and installation instruction through Maple Application Center of Maplesoft™ company. Full version of Syntfil package is sold through the Maplesoft Web site as part of the MapleConnect™ program.

Maple and MapleConnect are trademarks of Waterloo Maple Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

WWW Application

Users from cvut.cz domain can use interactive www application for electric filter design based on Syntil package.