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Pages for Electric Filter Design

Interactive www application for filter design was designed within grant of Ministry of Education no. 2447/2003. The application was created at CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Circuit Theory for teaching support of filter design. The application was rewritten and improved within project PUMA (Power User Mathematic Array). Design algorithm was created for mathematical software Maple™. The licence agreement enable to access to the application only for students and employees of CTU. It is the reason why the application is available only from cvut.cz domain.

The application is based on Syntfil, created at our Department within grant CTU no. 300107713. Syntfil is a package for Maple™ which allows design analog electrical filters. It contains all necessary procedures for complex design of analog electrical filters. The Syntfil enables to solve approximation task, synthesis of LC ladder filters and active RC filters (ARC) for all basic filter types - lowpass, highpass, bandpass and band-rejection. The Syntfil includes also functions for analysis of designed filter structures. The package gives remarkable tool suitable for engineers as well for teachers and students deal with analog filter design. More detailed description of the package is mentioned on this www page Syntfil, where help pages and examples are shown.

Interactive WWW Application for Electric Filter Design

SYNThesis of FILters